Short biography

Livio Russi, a young clarinetist from Switzerland, has already won several prestigious prizes. Amongst others, he earned the special prize from the jury of the International Clarinet Competition organized in Madrid by the European clarinet association, won second place at the “Concours National d’Éxecution Musicale” in Riddes (Switzerland), and ranked first at the Swiss Youth Music Competition. He has also been granted scholarships by the Swiss Study Foundation, the Karl and Sophie Binding Foundation, and the Ernst-Göhner Foundation. In 2013 he was awarded the encouragement prize from the canton Graubünden. After  having studied in Lugano and Geneva with Milan Řeřicha and Romain Guyot, respectively, he currently is performing with the orchestra at the Zurich Opera, is a member of the Verbier Festival Orchestra, plays regularly with the Kammerphilharmonie Graubünden, and continues to indulge in his great passion for chamber music. Complete biography